Some thank yous
Some thank yous

Some thank yous

Thanks to the following people;

Tom, Alan and Sally at Wylie & Holland Motorcycles for all their help,
Nurse Glenys for taking care of all my innoculations,
John Powell at Austin Engineering for some parts,
Chris for helping prep the bike and letting me just hang out! It was so good to see you!
Pete Warren for the lugagge side spacers (and infinite patience in face of my long indecision),
Trina Jones for offering support should I ever need it,
Anyone who has shown some interest,and shown some support,
Mike (although I may have got his name very wrong) from Marches Motorcycle training, for helping me pass my test and changing my mindset about being able to do the trip…well at least start.
My sister and (dare I say it) brother-in-law Brendan for a great good bye meal!

Special thanks to;
My good buddy Rich for being superb when the chips were down, and for being completely unselfish when I decided to do this trip (instead of the push-cycle) and for just putting up with my indecision and stress head. I can’t wish him enough luck in the future, I really, really, really hope you find some happiness and good adventures, it’s about time we both had some luck. Sorry for the way it turned out. Hope to catch up in Egypt.

Me mam and dad who’ve had to put up with me moping about feeling absolutely miserable because of a sore leg that won’t go away (I’m really sorry) and for letting me live in their nice house.

Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.