Dear Santa
Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I don’t really want anything for Christmas, Santa, except, perhaps some of my mum’s Christmas pudding. But No! Despite your selfless generosity throughout the ages, I cannot and will not let you have Rudolf, even if only for one night. I don’t care if the lives and hopes and dreams of all the little children of all the world depends on it….Rudolf is not leaving my apartment, unless that is; I am riding! And even that seems unlikely given the current rate of repairs. And no, I will not do your job for you and eat 6 billion mince pies and an equal number of shots of sherry on your behalf, you get to sleep it off all year, I will not have that luxury and I have a dreaded Winter English Camp to plan for….yeah try that for size fatty. And anyway, how do ALL the people make mince pies, they don’t even have ovens in Korea! Absolute madness, I am sure you’ll agree, perhaps you can get me one of those for Christmas I suppose, but no; you still can’t have Rudolf.

And anyway, if you took Rudolf for the day imagine the miles you’d rack up! I cannot really afford all the new parts that would be needed after such a trip, plus if you did it all in one night you’d make me look bad, mediocre at best. Plus, contrary to mythical beliefs, Rudolf runs on 90octane or higher, not carrots, though sometimes I wish he did. Fishing the carrots out of the PETROL tank after last years debacle was an arduous task I might add.

Anyway….in case you were wondering I was struggling for an angle on this weks blog….

You may notice a few changes to the site, small as they may be….a new navigation banner…neat huh? And also updated pages such as the FAQ’s (long overdue), the “About” page and also the text on the home page and maybe some other stuff I have forgotten.

There are quite a few photos from the previous month; from weekends spent exploring, so I think it best for people to just check them out. Click on the portrait to be taken directly to this months gallery.

I must say a big thanks to a few people, Dong-ha, who, if nothing else, has improved my diet….well actually made it worse as she relentlessly provides me with cakes and biscuits – but they don’t half taste good. You have been too kind, thanks heaps.

And also, the nice people I have been so fortunate to meet especially, Bryan, Jen, Katy and Rob…and not forgetting the Russian man-woman and Mr. Supreme, the Supreme idiot with serious dance moves.

Rudolf is ALMOST rolling….maybe even later today! So I’m contemplating just riding to the horizon…and binning off Winter Camp, I believe there is a pot of gold upon arrival [at the horizon]…or if I’ve learned anything on my travels up until now; I’ll find it along the way.

To everyone reading; Merry Christmas and a Happy New year…may your Christmas present be a motorbike and your resolution be to ride it. I can only hope that Santa turns up at your homes, because I will be riding Rudolf over Christmas and Santa can kiss my sweet bum.