The end is near, the beginning is coming….and email issues

The end is in sight….only six weeks and I’ll be in a new continent, riding the mighty Rudolf….this time in the Americas. Starting in …..actually, I’ll keep it a secret!

Numerous people have been asking, “Why don’t I receive your emails?” or, “Why don’t you update the site?” and, “Why are you such a selfish git?”

Well, I usually update the site about once a month or so, only when I think there is something worth posting, I don’t want to hassle people. But, there seems to be some problem with the emails getting through….I’ve managed to resolve the problem on hotmail and Yahoo I think. But even then, they end up in junk.

As a remedy for at least the short term…I’ve added feeds for Facebook, RSS, Twitter and google. You can see the buttons on the left of every page. Just click one of your choice. I’ll only post small messages notifying of new material on website. No crazy posts every day, or when I’m brushing my teeth.

This is also just in time for my departure from Korea…watch this space for when the adventures recommence, September 4th!

As for being a git….

Sorry this is brief…I have no internet at home :o(