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Current Position

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About the Map

The map shows all the places I’ve been so far. I only mark my camp spots using a basic (without maps/routing) GPS device, so I don’t keep route or track data.

The map is up to date (ie accurate) as far as my time in South America (July 2013).  This means North and Central America and the Africa way points, as well as the S.America waypoints, are 100% accurate to show all the places I’ve camped or in the few rare cases; used a hostal.

When I’m actually on the road map becomes less accurate, as I only make a rough map by “hand”.

I’ve read of people using the map to follow my camps.  I don’t think that’s really wise as some of the camp spots are really bad…or dangerous! If you see a really nice camp in a photo of mine and fancy it, just ask and I can give the GPS data to you.

About the Route

After settling on the idea to motorcycle around the world the next step was for me to work out what sort of route I might take. I started by making a list of places that I definitely didn’t want to miss and then tried to join them up with a continuous line. The list was quite short yet broad and was based more on gut instinct than research and practicality. It included: Italy, Africa, the Himalaya and Japan and didn’t really seem to tie together all that well.  Aside from the places that I wanted to visit there were other factors that dictated where I could and couldn’t go; international and civil war, bureaucracy, impassable terrain and perhaps places that you just think “I don’t really wana be there” e.g. Wolverhampton. The local climate was also a consideration though not really one I paid much attention to.


The map could not have been made without the invaluable individual help of Martin and his ClusterManager tool for google maps.

Also to Patrick for his easy to use google map plug-in Googlemap/GPX/KML/XML WordPress Plug-in