Tales from the Saddle


In 2004 I originally thought about doing a trip by bicycle and subsequently I planned a ride with a friend through Europe, it came like an epiphany from nowhere.  Over time, the plan eventually escalated into a world trip.

Four and half years later, having been injured for eighteen months, I admitted defeat on the bicycling idea.  And so, if I couldn’t pedal I figured the next best thing was a motorcycle.  At the time I didn’t have a license, so to keep cost low it was logical to use a 125cc bike.  So, in September 2008 I rolled away from my home and my family, on a motorcycle heading first to Cape Town, South Africa, just me and “Rudolf” (my Yamaha YBR 125cc). And then…well you’ll have to check out the map, the photos and the blog

Looking back, I’m eternally grateful for my injury and the places that my little Yamaha YBR and Honda XR took me.

The site was originally meant to keep friends and family informed of my current status, but hopefully others may find some enjoyment from my tales.